Monday, August 1, 2011

The Nightmare Hunt


Thanks for your interest in The Nightmare HUNT

This hunt will be promote by some blogs feed in some second life chanels

Objects for sale may cost 0L$, totally free, and with halloween theme. Is a great oportunity for promote our stores in this event, with more people in our stores, more posibilities of sales.


Original items for sale, with halloween theme, no third party items, or items that broke copyright license of other creators or copyboted items.

You can send us your creations for this hunt until septembre 20th, for make more easy work for all .

Please fill this form and send to webmistrex Xue or Suvi Breil as soon as you can

Thank you :)

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Store Owner Name:

Store Logo:

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The Nightmare Store is here

Hello everybody wellcome to The Nightmare Store Blog, our published tool for show you our latest creations and important events about our store.