Friday, September 30, 2011

The Nightmare Hunt begin :)

Ladies and Gentelman , now is oficial, The Nightmare Hunt begins

Our store participate with one awesome gift , one Halloween Campfire Tales Set, you can find one DEMO in the store, is one campfire that comes with two seat logs but can be rezzed up to 10. Each log comes with one adjustable animation menu with 3 animations related, and for ambient i just include some scary sounds, a great stuff for enjoy halloween with all your friends, and for free just between sept 30th and oct 15th.

Dear friends, today sept 30th, begin one of the most scary hunts in second life begins, with 13 high quality stores from second life and with halloween theme, you must find hidden gifts that all has free for you in their stores.

How participate? Participation is closed for store owners, now is the moment for second life residents, you must begin in the first store, The Nightmare Store, find this hunt object

You must buy this object for 0L$, in contents you can find your gift and the landmark to the next store.

Bellow the list of stores in the hunt:

1.- The Nightmare Store ###  Hint for find Gift in The Nightmare Store
2.- **MDL**  ###  Hint for find gift in **MDL**
3.- Letis Tattoo and Piercing  ###  Hint for find gift in Letis Tattoo & Piercing
4.- Land of Nodd ###  Hint for find gift in The Land of Nodd
5.- [ A N A T O M Y ]  ### Hint for find gift in [ A N A T O M Y ]
6.- ::Fe:: Fashion emergency ### Hint for find gift in :: Fe :: Fashion emergency
7.- Charming Dreams ### Hint for find gift in Charming Dreams
8.- BeLoTe ### Hint for find gift in BeLoTe
9.- Bee Designs ### Hint for find gift in Bee Designs
10.-  EZ Ezequiel Creations  ### Hint for find gift in EZ Ezequiel Creations
11.- Hair&Hair ### Hint for find gift in Hair&Hair
12.- FIN *Relive the fifties* ### Hint for find gift in FIN *Relive the fifties*
13.-  Catwise  ### Hint for find gift in Catwise

Thank you all for your great support and i wish you a spooky hung muahahhahahhahhahahahah


  1. I have pictures of the prizes if anyone wants to see. ^^

  2. I did not find anything at 7 or 10, but will check back.

  3. The first day we have some problems but all are resolved, a lot of friends have all gifs, i hope that more people goes publishing in blogs, i want see all snapshotsss :)

  4. Sanae, is posible that the owner is restarting the sim, all region is closed at this moment, better if you try later